Rorschach Test: Seashell Edition


I have a brief evaluation for you to complete, but check your test anxiety at the door. There are no wrong answers here. What’s more, I feel confident that any temporary stress level increase you experience will be well-worth the insight you gain into your own character by the assessment’s conclusion. Trust me; I’m a licensed therapist. (Technically I am licensed to practice speech therapy, not psychoanalysis, but this is a nuance, and I won’t be billing you.)

This is like the ink blot test. I have a sampling of seashells that my children collected on the beach yesterday. Please look at each and tell me what you see.

Test item #1 is found at the top of the post. Take a moment to scroll back, and then tell me what the shell looks like to you.

If you see hip bones, you foster cohesion in group settings and are a facilitator of action. The hip bones connect the bones of the lower limbs to the axial skeleton. That’s you! You keep your family, coworkers, and the members of your bridge club unified and moving in the right direction.

If you see a butterfly, you are full of potential. It may feel as though you are inching along at caterpillar’s pace, but don’t be discouraged. One day you will spread your wings and fly! You just need to give yourself time to meet your potential. Also, a chrysalis. You need time and a chrysalis.


What do you see in shell #2? I want your knee-jerk response.

If you see a broken Werther’s Original hard candy, you are fault-finding by nature. Take time to reflect with gratitude on what you have. Learn to avert your gaze from that which has been chipped away.

If you see an ear, you are a good listener. Friends and family value you as a sounding board.


What say you about item #3? Please answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

If you see two pieces of Dentine Fire chewing gum as viewed from the side, you are considerate of others. Your breath smells sweetly of cinnamon, you hold the door for the family walking up behind you on the way in to Applebee’s, and the passenger side of your car is always clean and ready when a buddy calls “shot gun!”

If, on the other hand, #3 looks like blood-covered rabbit incisors to you, you are sociopath or, at the very least, super-creepy. Don’t follow my blog anymore.


Glance at #5. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

If #5 reminds you of a penny, you are a tight wad. If you think it looks like a quarter, you are a big baller.


Please consider test item #6 above. What is it in your mind?

If you think that item #6 looks like a slice of chess pie, you have a sweet tooth and no impulse control. You will have Diabetes Mellitus by the time you reach 55 years of age. Change your ways or start saving now for future prescriptions, because Lantus is very expensive.

If you see South America in that bit of shell, you are adventurous and love to travel. You will be a more interesting, more well-rounded individual for your travels, so go on and indulge in a trip abroad! Bon Voyage, and please send me a postcard.


Okay, #7 is obviously just a shell. I don’t want to be inane.


#8 is an interesting one. What does it look like to you?

If you answered, “freshly ruptured blisters from a Shingles outbreak,” you are a hypochondriac. (There is a shingles vaccine now. I don’t know if it would put your mind at ease, but it is certainly worth a try.)

If you see #8 as a wasp’s nest in it’s early stages, you are vigilant. Your sharp eye has kept you and yours from peril on countless occasions. You would be a great boy scout leader.

Times up. Pencils down. Good luck with the lifestyle changes that this exam has surely inspired, and feel free to add a few of your own interpretations in a comment box.


6 Comments on “Rorschach Test: Seashell Edition

  1. This is so cute! I got 3 “scorable” answers. (Leave it to my brain to think of something different 😉 !) The ones I was in agreement with were the “ear,” “wasp nest” and “seashell.” alternate answers are as follows: (1) angel wings (2) ear (3) bacon (4) ?!? (5) candy corn (6) seashell (7)wasps nest

  2. I thought #1 looked like a bra. #2 – ear, #3 – bacon, #6 – pizza, #8 – some sort of medical emergency. I hope y’all are having fun!

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