A Best Friend is a Home

A best friend is a home.

Your home.

A best friend is a display case for your wit, a bookshelf for your most exciting stories. She is also a junk drawer and an attic where the broken and outdated objects of your past, the things you need to clear out, to sort through (but somehow can’t) are safely and privately stored.

A best friend’s companionship is your vanity. It is there that you’ll go when preparing for. Unwinding from.

A best friend is shoes off. Sweat pants on. She is comfort without judgement.

You know her heart like the floor plan of your childhood house. You could walk around her soul all day, eyes closed, without tripping or even stubbing a toe. You know well where the clutter lies, which floor boards are loose.

With your best friend, everything is just so. The strength of the coffee. The setting of the thermostat. The firmness of the cushions on the sofa. Home. It isn’t that she is perfect, but rather that you two are perfect as a pair.

A best friend is a place to rest. A place to be nourished. A place to hide. A place to entertain.

At the polls, you are a voter. It is expected that you will cast your ballot. At the shop, you are a customer. It is anticipated that you will make a purchase. At work, you are an employee. It is understood that your tasks will be completed. At home, in the presence of your best friend, you are only yourself. You aren’t choosing, aren’t consuming, aren’t completing. You are simply being.

A best friend is a home.

Your home.

And there is no place like her.


My home.

Daily Prompt: BFFs – The Daily Post

15 Comments on “A Best Friend is a Home”

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  3. I could leave the actual tearful thoughts I had last night. But mostly I’m just glad we are friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale.

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  5. I missed this eloquently written post because I was visiting with a dear friend in the desert for a few days soaking up sun and her companionship. You are so generous with yourself in this blog. We all need to do a little navel gazing every once in a while and you invite us readers to do so.

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