15 Years Into Marriage, the Romantic Gestures I Most Appreciate from my Husband

Filling the tank of my car without bragging on himself (or even telling me that he has done so).

Eating everything I cook, then thanking me for the meal.

Fixing (and/or writing a check to fix) all the crazy problems that crop up in our century-old home without ever picking on me or accusing me of being on crack for having wanted to buy such an impractical house in the first place.

Folding laundry while watching football.

Getting the kids ready for school so that I can sleep a bit longer.

Giving me unsolicited compliments on my sweatpants when I obviously have PMS.

Feigning enthusiasm at receiving new clothing as a gift.

Always using a picture that includes the kids and me as his Facebook profile picture.

Going to parties, church, fundraisers and other various bullhonkey functions that were not his idea.

Insisting that I am smarter than he (which is a patent lie).

Never making me go into our very creepy crawl space to hold a flashlight for him when he is doing whatever it is people do when they go into crawl spaces.

Getting out of bed to kill that roach in the kitchen last week when he didn’t have to be up and out of bed for another hour.

Saying “Have fun” when I go shopping with girlfriends (and not giving me grief about leaving him with the kids for what we both know will be an all day, drive-to-Atlanta affair).

Trolling Netflix to find movies and television shows that he thinks we will both like watching together.

Introducing me to interesting news articles or songs by saying, “This made me think of you.”

Accepting a blog post as a Valentine’s Day gift.

(Me with my valentines, rocking our beach tans.)


15 Comments on “15 Years Into Marriage, the Romantic Gestures I Most Appreciate from my Husband

    • I read a blog post recently in which the writer describes serving her husband something different for dinner. “Thank you for dinner,” he said, “I enjoyed it. Now please never make that again.” Ha!

  1. He makes me feel so unworthy. I better not show your post to Angelica.

    S’pose I’ll have to spend the next few hours trawling the net seeking out some real, lazy slob, who spends all day in bed guzzling endless cans of beer, watching telly while scratching his belly and picking his nose. Someone even worse than I am. I can show her him, and then tell her that at least I’m not nearly as bad as he is, and she should be thankful for what she’s got.

    It’s not fair posting stuff like this on Valentine’s Day! There ought to be a law against it!

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  3. I’m with you! These are the kind of things I love! Sounds like you have a fantastic partner in life. Especially because of the crawl space thing. We would have so many disgusting things living in and around our house if I was tasked at having to go into the small, creepy dark places.

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