Forced Entrance

Pictured above is the jagged remainder of our backdoor’s molding. More than the a marital sore spot, it is a fun little personality test. Our door is a screening tool for classifying your character – sort of a glass half-full/half-empty kind of thing. Play along, wont you?

How do you handle adversity in life? When you find that the door to your dreams is inexplicably jammed, do you:

a) opt for an alternate route? Do you walk around the metaphorical house of your ambitions to one of the many, many other doors in order to gain entrance (because, like, seriously, we have three other doors, they all function properly, and every last one of them is unlocked)? Is that your approach, or do you…

b) with reckless abandon (and with little to no regard for aesthetics) throw your full weight at the obstacle repeatedly, shoulder first, until the entrance of your hopes and dreams gives way with splintered success?

Please share your results. We’d love to hear whose side which approach you take. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section or, if you’re local, stop by the house and chat about it with us. Our door is always open.


28 Comments on “Forced Entrance

    • Nope. Because you have to call a contractor to address the issue, and your phone is in the house. So you use another door. (Peace-maker – are you a middle child?)

      • Uh, no…I am the youngest of four and kind of the only child at the same time. (sibs are way older than me). Okay, so in all honesty, I would use another door and be annoyed at the brute force used on the already broken one by the male species of the house.

  1. My approach would be a combination of a, b, and my very own c – I’d invite people over to help me pry the door open. And we’d all listen to cheesy 80’s music and dance.

  2. Men jam the door open with their shoulders, ladies move on to another unlocked door…that is just a fact of life.

  3. Depends on which side of the bed you got out of. If you got out the wrong side, a door’s a good enough thing to take it out on as any other inanimate object. Given that you repair the damage afterwards, that is.

  4. Most likely I’d use one of the other, unlocked doors and do something creative with the stuck door – like make a “closed for renovations” sign or put a big, heavy flower pot with tall, colorful flowers, or maybe paint it to look like a zombie is coming out or kudzu is crawling up it.

  5. Really depends on what the dream is.

    If it’s some sort of physical conquest (getting in shape, learning new martial arts moves) then a.

    If it’s relationship oriented, then b.

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