How to do Ten Minutes of Pilates in Just Under an Hour: A Timeline

A strong core is important for maintaining back heath, balance, and overall strength for sports and leisure activities. Many people, pulled as they find themselves to be by home and work obligations, feel they do not have time to devote to core strengthening. If you’re one such person, let me share with you a great Pilates DVD I own. It has several ten-minute workouts.

I try to do the ten-minute core strengthening routine every day, and I am able to complete it in just under an hour. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is true! Allow me explain by way of timeline:

decide to do the ten-minute Pilates DVD

8:01 – 8:05:
take off work clothes,
throw on t-shirt,
wander pantslessly around the house in search of leggins,
find them in the laundry room (still dirty),
put them on anyway

8:06 – 8:08:
unroll yoga mat,
hunt for resistance band,
recall that one of the children had been using it earlier that day in an effort to fashion a giant sling shot,
find the resistance band behind the sofa,
spot, remove and discard the lucky charms marshmallow that had become stuck to it (lest said marshmallow get stuck to the sole of your foot during workout, which’d be totally gross)

8:09 – 8:13:
insert DVD,
see that there is some sort of problem,
explain to husband that the DVD player isn’t working,
decide that his explanation on how to fix DVD player is too technical and/or time-consuming

8:14 – 8:18:
gather resistance band, yoga mat and DVD,
relocate to the children’s playroom, the only other room in the house with a DVD player

8:19 – 8:25:
create enough floor space for yoga mat by shoving all of the toys, books and art projects to the other side of the room with foot,
set up yoga mat (again),
insert DVD (again),
choose the core routine,
press play

press pause,
run to bathroom (as this routine is more comfortable with an empty bladder)

8:26 – 8:27:
empty bladder,
wash hands

8:28 – 8:31:
press play,
complete the first 3 minutes of the routine

turn around after the fiftieth time son says, “Mom look,”
acknowledge how awesome son looks in Batman costume,
agree to take his picture

skip back to the place on the DVD where you’d stopped to photograph Batman,
resume work out

8:34 – 8:36:
complete two more minutes of Pilates routine (so we’re up to five minutes total – halfway there!)

8:37 – 8:38:
feel eery presence of being watched,
turn to see that your neighbor’s seven-year-old has wordlessly joined you, that she is doing the exercises with perfect form and imaginary resistance band,
tell her that she is welcome to stay (a fact she already knew)

8:39 – 8:41:
skip back to the place on the DVD where you’d stopped to visit with the neighbor,
resume workout

8:42 – 8:43:
become distracted by the sweet voice of a child in the yard yelling, “Ste-lla, time to come home,”
note that Stella, your workout partner, is pretending not to hear the voice,
tell her that her brother his calling,
admire her for finishing the last few reps,
hug her goodbye

8:44 – 8:47:
skip back to the place on the DVD where you’d stopped when Stella was called home,
resume work out

workout complete!

And there you have it; ten minutes of core strengthening, and all in just barely under an hour. Who doesn’t have time for that?
(This little guy: bad for the core, good for the heart)


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