Poodle Taxi


I spotted this vehicle in the Barnes and Noble parking lot last week. This “poodle taxi.” And I snapped the picture of the novel front tag with intentions of making fun of it later with my friends, but the truth is that I’m jealous.

A front tag makes a statement about the vehicle’s driver. It delivers an unabashed message to the world with regard the car’s owner and what she values. This lady: she values her poodle. More to the point, she values her role in transporting that poodle around town. It is an airbrushed, rhinestone-encircled profession of devotion that I am not ready to make to anything or anyone.

There is a concave panel, a recessed section, on the front bumper of my car. It is clearly meant to house a tag of some sort. The car looks lacking without one. The Ford Motor Corporation assumed that I was both decisive and into car bling, but neither is the case.

I had a UGA tag years ago. This was back when I was a student. That tag was nothing but trouble. People in parking lots always want to talk football with me, and they always left the conversation disappointed. (Telling someone you went to the University of Georgia for the academics is like saying you went to Hooters for the food.)

Anyway, if you have a suggestion for a tag that would suit me, a front plate that would promote my values, I am open to hearing it. Right now I’m leaning toward this…

bingo tag

I haven’t played BINGO since the end-of-the-year party in sixth grade, so It isn’t the game specifically that I wish to promote. It is happiness. I do value happiness. Experiencing it. Inspiring it in others. And happiness is yelling BINGO! Each of us is just two syllables at 80 decibels away from feeling it.

Go on. Yell “BINGO!” Do it. Really do it. BINGO!!! There. Now don’t you feel happy?


6 Comments on “Poodle Taxi

  1. Pretty tacky. Now if it said “Boxer Taxi”, that would be different…

    A lot of states in the US require a tag on both the front and back so we have to put the one in the front to use with state issued plates. Not all do, but I think most do.

    • I wish Georgia required a front tag. That would solve all of my problems. It would be like in school when the teacher assigned you a partner so you weren’t forced to choose.

  2. You may have saved me some money that would otherwise have been spent on therapy 😉 I can’t really yell out “Bingo!” right this minute, otherwise it would wake up the blessedly silent canines (no poodles, though) and felines, but you can bet I’ll bellow it sometime today – thanks!

    • Oh yeah, that is a good one. We had a contractor once with a tag on the front of his truck which read, “Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite.” I always thought that was kind of cool.

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