Does This Bathrobe Make Me Look Old?

My 10:30 am patient is still completing paperwork over in registration. The radiology techs, in matching grey scrubs, are chatting amongst one another as they work. Busily completing some documentation, I have all but tuned them out when something is said which catches my attention.

“…and I sort of want one,” a rad tech says to the other four, “but I don’t want one, too, you know? Because it means I’m old.”

The coworkers smile and nod. They share her opinion.

What product or service is she talking about? Do I use it?

“What will make you feel old?” I ask. (Note: All the rad techs are nice young women who allow me to butt in at will.)

She looks up from her papers – a thin stack of to-be-sorted orders. The abrupt movement of her head sets her ponytail into motion.

“A robe.”

“A robe?!” I say.


“Why is that?” I ask.

“I mean, a robe just seems like something an old woman would wear. It does to me, anyway.”

“I wear I robe,” I say.

The look I get from this group of younger women – it is pity to be sure. Uncertain to me, however, is whether their pity stems from the fact that I wear a robe or the fact that I had been deluded enough to think it was an ageless garment.

“You don’t wear a robe in the morning?” I ask.

“No,” she says.

None of you?” I ask.

Their head shakes are as uniform as their scrubs.

“So what do you do when you get out of the shower?”

“Get dressed,” they answer.


“Our clothes.”


So now I know. But I don’t care. I adore my robe. It is a warm start to a cold morning. A comfort preceding several hours of potential uncomfortable situations. The coffee of apparel. And they can pity me all they like. I pity them right back. If bathrobes are for the aged, so, too, is the outlook that a woman should do as she likes, regardless of how it appears to others.



41 Comments on “Does This Bathrobe Make Me Look Old?

  1. I am sitting in a robe as I read this…a nice, warm, snuggly robe that is white with black polka dots. Evidently I did not get the message about the robe/age thing…oh wait, I’m over 50. I don’t have to care anymore!!!

  2. I love my robe too and proud to say so! It’s a long, ivory fleece robe with a hood so perfect for cold mornings. Oh, did I mention I’m over 50?

  3. I don’t see how a robe has anything to do with age. Who wants to get dressed while they’re still damp from the shower? Gross! A robe is a cozy transition from sleep to shower to dry enough to get dressed without sticking to your underwear.

  4. At the risk of being NSFW, my wife’s attire after a shower is dependent on the weather. If it’s a cold day, it’s a robe. If it’s a warm day, it’s her b’day suit.

  5. I have always thought of a robe as a woman thing rather than an age thing. My daughter is 5 and has a robe her size, so… She puts on her robe, wraps her head in a towel and puts on her Stompies after a bath!

  6. My husband wears a robe all the time! He bought me one too, but I never wear it. I too go straight from the shower into my work clothes. Just seems more efficient that way. He cuddles up in his robe on the couch on weekend mornings, but I prefer a blanket.

  7. I love my robe. It keeps my warm and toasty in the mornings. Makes the transition out of bed a little easier. I don’t think I am old…or am I?

  8. “The coffee of apparel,” robes indeed go well with coffee!

    That said, I’m a 29-year old male and I love lounging in my robe, sipping on my coffee, and catching up on blogging or reading or what have you.

    Old is a state of mind, not a state of dress. I think.

  9. I’m 25, so I’m really only old to middle schoolers, but I’d love a robe. I just haven’t found one that I really like yet. And I don’t think your robe makes you look old, it makes you look comfy.

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