Trascriptions of a Pair of Messages Left on our Answering Machine Today


5:15 PM

Uh… Hey.
This is (name omitted).
I don’t know who this is.
I think it’s McDonalds.
Me and my husband was at, uh, my daddy’s funeral.
We come by there to get us somethin’ to eat, and they messed our order. All. Up!
I would appreciate it if I could talk to somebody.
Thank you and have a nice day.

5:21 PM

How is anybody suppose to talk to y’all if y’all wont answer your phone?!
Thank you.


11 Comments on “Trascriptions of a Pair of Messages Left on our Answering Machine Today

    • Yall should have played along and had some phone with that: “Um, don’t you think you should just have a salad and a nice piece of grilled chicken?”

  1. Oh good mercy. This would happen to me. We finally ditched our land line because somehow they mixed up our caller ID with the Flash Foods gas station down the street. Every time I’d call out from our house phone, I’d get, “Why are you calling from the gas station?” After explaining it 37.2 times, I had the line disconnected…This was after calling the phone company 12.4 times in attempt to straighten out the caller ID situation to no avail. So naturally, I’m laughing my a** off reading this.

    • Are you serious, that is nuts! We get about ten calls every winter from people who are trying to reach the gas company (whose number, is outdated phone books, is our current number). Oh, and last month someone calling and left a message in which she expressed an interest in “buying some okree” (i.e. okra).

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