A Mediocre Mother and the Back-to-School Rush


Last week, all the good mothers took their children to get back-to-school haircuts. I meant to, but I got busy painting the guest bathroom. I may take them later this week. Or next.

Last week, all the good mothers starting putting their children to bed a little earlier in an effort to ease into the early mornings that school will require. I decided that those earlier mornings are just not going to be easy. They never have been in the past, regardless of how many times we suffered through them. I decided to let my children play on the iPad every night until it’s battery drained.

Last week, all the good mothers started looking through Pintrest boards for healthy and creative lunchbox ideas. I still don’t know what will be in my kids’ lunchboxes. I’ve yet to grocery shop. I will, though. As soon as I finish this post. (The smart money is on a turkey sandwich, an apple, goldfish crackers and two cookies.)

Last week, all the good mothers bought small black boards and chalk in order to prepare for cute First-Day-of-School pictures. You know the kind. The kids hold the black boards in the morning for a photograph. “First Day of Second Grade.” The thing about that, though, is that I have horrible handwriting. The worst. And what’s more, I am left-handed, so everything I write on a blackboard is immediately smeared away with the side of my hand. I will take a picture, though (provided I remember to charge my phone.)

Last week, all the good mothers said to their kids, “I cannot believe you’re going into [insert grade here]. You’re growing up too fast.” And I said that, too. Because I love them like crazy. Even if you can’t tell by the amount of processed food in their lunch boxes.


21 Comments on “A Mediocre Mother and the Back-to-School Rush”

  1. As a non-mom, I am always amazed that school actually starts up again, it seems way too soon, I just got used to it being summer. For the record, I don’t think there is such a thing as “good mothers”, at least not defined by your terms…The fact that your kids look happy, healthy and and relaxed seems like a reason to call you a good mom…

      • Everything is fraught with feelings of inadequacy. I just spent two hours in the studio wondering what the hell I was doing. The difference is that what I make isn’t going to have to go into therapy in twenty years to undo the mistakes I made. 🙂

  2. Hey, Ginger! Was checking to see if you had done anymore posts since I hadn’t received any email notifications. Hope everything is well with you and the family.

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