Captain, My Captain

I haven’t written a post in several months now, and a lot of people have asked me why. Okay, so maybe not a lot of people, but quite a few. Ten, alright?! Like ten people asked: my mom’s cousin Jenny, two girls from work, and a good half dozen people from church. (So that’s nine people, but I’m rounding.)


There are three primary reasons why I’ve been neglecting the blog. This first is straight-up laziness. The second is that the time I was spending reading posts by other WordPress users left me with no time for enjoying plain ol’ books, and the third (and I don’t mean to whine, its just the truth) is that I’ve been struggling with a bout of depression that requires me to devote more of my free time to “Dateline NBC” reruns and Capt Crunch.


There’s my answer. I’m sorry it isn’t more interesting. I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. My goal is two posts per month. Fair enough, cousin Jenny? Now if you’ll excuse me, the Capt is waiting. I’d best shove off.











37 Comments on “Captain, My Captain”

  1. I’ve been missing your posts. I still sometimes think about things you’ve written like when you took your kids to church at the Flora-Bama. So funny.
    If good old yard work will help you with the doldrums, let me know. I have lots of yard that needs lots of work.

      • Ugggh. I would have kept it the old way, but I started doing a few blog posts for my companies blog and I couldn’t keep the old one. Just would have been a little weird. Oh well. Glad you like the presentable one.

  2. So nice to see your words back on my screen! I’ve missed your humor, stories, and insight. My fallbacks are West Wing and Halloween/Valentine’s/Easter candy, in case you need a break from your usual. I haven’t blogged in a long while, but I’m finding new audiences for old material. Don’t be afraid to rerun your classics while you’re on hiatus. Take care, my friend.

      • Well, if it didn’t have crunch berries, it wouldn’t necessarily make you a monster . . . oh, who am I kidding? Cap’n Crunch without the crunch berries gives evil a bad name :p

  3. Sorry you’ve been feeling low. I’m not sure Dateline would help. Surely thats too much reality? Best to watch something fictional? Hope to see you posting some more soon.

    • Oh, Dateline will make you feel so much better about yourself. Like, “At least I didn’t kill my husband by poisoning his Mt Dew with antifreeze and then bury him beneath my trailer.”

  4. Hi! I’ve missed you, too. I am addicted to Dateline reruns as well. Does that mean I’m depressed?

    • I mean, if you go to Web MD, I think “Excessive watching of Dateline reruns” is like the first clinical sign/symptom. Which Sharon is this, “W?”

  5. It’s a long convoluted path that lead me to your blog. But I have loved everything you’ve written. I will never forget when you wrote about bath robes and overhearing young girls wondering if wearing them meant they were old! In the last post I remember you said you were cutting back on blogging to do some writing that paid money. So I’ve missed you but had been hoping you were soon going to be rich and famous. I’m sorry that you have hit a big bump in life’s road. Just remember that God has provided friends and strangers who care about you that can provide strength and support for you. Everyone’s life is full of bad times and I won’t bore you with my list but even when I felt that God had forgotten about me, I could feel his arms in the hugs and love of my friends, family, and especially my church family. Praying for you. And looking forward to seeing your posts in my email box again.

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