Thirty-Two Dollar Eggs


The eggs at the Four Seasons cost thirty-two dollars. We stayed there last week, and I saw the menu with my own eyes. The cost is initially jarring, I’ll admit, but in defense of the Four Seasons:

  • There are two eggs served with this breakfast. Two! We’re really only talking, then, about sixteen bucks per egg.
  • They will prepare the eggs in any style you’d like. You’re not just paying for a meal. You’re purchasing complete and total creative control over these chicken embryos.
  • Choices abound with this breakfast! Home fries or grits? Ham or bacon? Whole wheat toast or white? The choices go on and on. Juices. Coffee. I can’t even.
  • This breathtaking hotel donated a $500-per-night room to “Prevent Child Abuse in Gordon County, Inc,” a tiny charity an hour (and a world) away from their facility. They put us up in an opulent room that rivaled anything we’d seen in a movie, they valet-parked our Ford Focus with so much professionalism and respect that you’d have thought it was a Bentley, and they made sure we had an amazing stay.


If you’re spending the night in Atlanta, I hope you’ll treat yourself and stay at the Four Seasons. It is bucket-list worthy. (And when they ask you how you’d like your eggs, say “Fabergé.”)



20 Comments on “Thirty-Two Dollar Eggs”

  1. Wow. I thought the $15 breakfast (identical to yours in Atanta) at the Marriott Courtyard in Pittsburgh was a wee bit expensive. But then, I had to park my own vehicle. If I ever get to Atlanta, I’ll be sure the check out whether a $32 breakfast is any better than a $15 breakfast – or for that matter, any better than the $7.99 breakfast I get at my local diner.

  2. The important thing is that it seems that you’ve enjoyed the experience. I doubt that the way those eggs are prepared is the point, but it’s great that you had them all the same. Cheers

    • You’re spot on, and yeah, great experience. I’m having some fun with the cost because snark is my medium, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say. Cheers to you

  3. And when they ask you how you’d like your eggs, say “Fabergé.” This has suddenly become one of my all time favorite sentences! 😀

  4. Good news! We’ve cut the price on our sorry-assed country eggs to $10.99 each! Check on line for coupons discounting the oddly shaped outliers. Those with fresh poop still clinging are still only $11.99! Sadly, you must cook them yourself or do the “Rocky” raw egg shots.

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    • A steal!!! If I haven’t told you lately, the sorry-assed country eggs you’ve been giving us are pretty much my favorite food.

  5. I’ve been on something of a hiatus and thought I’d stop by to see what was going on. Still hilarious as always. Looks like you might be on the same blogging schedule as me. Get to it girl! I look forward to your stuff! 🙂

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