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Poodle Taxi

I spotted this vehicle in the Barnes and Noble parking lot last week. This “poodle taxi.” And I snapped the picture of the novel front tag with intentions of making fun of it later with my friends, but the truth is that I’m jealous. A front tag makes a statement about the vehicle’s driver. It […]

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Christmas with the Hinkleys

My introduction to the Hinkley family’s matriarch was this; my mother had seen her pee. We were all at The Food Lion, Mrs. Hinkley, my mother and I. (This was in the early 1980s, a decade or more before I’d ultimately visit the Hinkley home.) Mom slyly pointed her out to me and, in hushed […]

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Shady Goings-On at “Pap-Aw’s Closet”

Maybe a drug deal was about to take place. Perhaps “Pap-Aw” is a bookie. I don’t know. I was just there to buy a few more chairs. A little background before I get into the sketchiness I’ve just witnessed… “Pap-Aw’s Closet” is thrift store on the west side of town. It looks very much like […]

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