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My Character Was Grossly Misjudged at the Belmont Avenue Kroger

“If I forget to ask you to donate to Susan G Komen For the Cure You get a Coke FREE!!” I am not petty enough to call out a minimum-wage worker on a promotion like this, so I don’t have the comped bottle of soda to prove it, but I was not asked to make […]

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The Hot Guy I Met at the Pool

I attract a lot of attention when I don a swimsuit. A lot of unwanted attention. From guys. My trip to the pool last Saturday was no exception. I was down at Orange Beach last weekend. My family and I. Getting a little r & r. I had taken my son to the condo’s pool […]

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I Hate Christmas Music

(photo credit: acartoonchristmas.com) Okay, before you accuse me of being a scrooge for writing a blog about how much I hate Christmas music (and I am totally about to write a blog about how much I hate Christmas music), let me preemptively gloss over a few exceptions to this pet peeve of mine. I love […]

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