Passing Judgement

So my daughter ran her personal best at a 5K last night. Thirty minutes and change. This was in the Country’s Midnight Express, a 12am foot race put on by a barbecue restaurant in my hometown. “Great job, honey!” I said. “That is nearly two minutes faster than your last run. Is that what you’d […]

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Twenty One Cheetos, Celeste Corcoran, and “Different Beginnings”

Did you know that one serving of the crunchy Cheetos consists of “about 21 pieces.” It’s true. I Googled it Monday during lunch while eating Cheetos. I counted out 21 pieces. I assembled them onto a napkin and took a picture so that I could show you. Limiting oneself to such a pittance of cheese […]

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Confessions of a Rotten Egg

Last one in is a rotten egg! was the favorite game of my childhood friend, Alexa Johnson. It was my least favorite game. Alexa, like all the Johnson kids, ran for the sake of running. They were like dogs, these five children. If you opened a door or a gate, they would happily trample over […]

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